Thobs The Zulu Queen

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United States California and New York

My time in the States(6 months)was one of a hip hop and African variety music experience working with Djs from Cuba and Oakland born djs with love for African music ,so my work was based hip hop collaborations with Kev Brown, Juan Gomez, Dj Leydis looking at cultural integration. Worked hand in hand with the Malcom X Youth Centre organisation they have annual Malcom X jaz festival I had an opportunity to work with American teenagers and using music as a way of expression of what they see and experience and to take the negative energies surrounding them and use it in positive expression. It was a pleasure to work with various organisations that dealt with youth affairs and young addict mothers on the change.

I am the founder of Red Gold and Green Educare Centre based in Phillipi Marcus Garvey Community for infants to 6 year olds,striving to create an education system that’s appealing to My name is Thobekile Mbanda a young African woman from Inchanga Kwa Zulu Natal now residing in Cape Town South Africa, currently traveling the world, I am a spoken word artist, story teller, teacher and community activist and play writer. My work portrays my deep rooted passion for the well-being of people, promoting self-love, self-respect, identity and self-sustainment.

My guitar is my courage to speak a companion in inspiring my lyrics and flow. I hold a high respect for poetry and people who call themselves poets for the way I see poetry it is a catalyst of reaching the consciousness of the people who dare listen, as poet we become story tellers bringing a new vision for our community and also preserving our cultures story. My voice is a gift from my elders the voice of the beginning I as Thobekile wase Embo the Zulu Queen I see my work as a sacrifice of love for peace, unity, honesty and freedom for all.

using art as an education system through music painting nature observing, making use of recyclable goods thus far it has proven successful as the educare has been running for 4 years.

Currently I am traveling the world in my own capacity with the help of good people I meet, learning and sharing my art and heart. Collaborating with artist of various countries I find myself in. And the music created with like-minded people we are able to spread love in word and in action.

I do this because I strongly believe the world still has good people and I want to be a witness to say I have seen, experienced and heard, our media fills us with fear and portrays the world as a scary place and thus far I have found it is not so and as an African to a certain extent we made to feel and believe we are not able to travel. So I have used my skill with peoples help to find my way. I am very much into collaborative work using my music, poetry and chef skills, it’s also a growth process for me as artist to immerse myself in a culture new to me but still find common working ground with artists