Thobs The Zulu Queen

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Poetry in thought


I remember a time when Africa was Eden, where Gods walked the earth

I remember the sun burnt people establishing Khemit now known as Egypt

I remember the holy place Ethiopia the father and mother of all dynasties were Gods ruled  as kings. Ababonaabakulu basekhemu, lord khemu teaching our ancestors ‘you are the light let it shine’.

I remember a time in our black story when we knew that God is in everything and everything is in God and every day was a holy day for one could not separate themselves from the light of God which shone every day

I remember how later  greed, anger, jealousy, and bloodshed turned our world upside down, honor was lost respect, truth  and love became a myth, when Eden was ripped, robbed  and rapped and her people  and their story were  destroyed, distorted and disfigured.

I remember you Yaa Asantewaa mother of the queens protector of the throne, I remember you queen Nzinga princess of worioresses,I remember you Nanny and Queen Nayavingi  mothers of the mountains defenders of the faith, I remember you Sojourner Truth  mother of Godly wisdom, I remember you Harriet Tubman  angel of courage  the Black Mosses and I remember you   Lillian Ngoyi  and Dora Taman sisters of justice.

Yes Willy lynch, J Edgar Hoover and all you oppressors, the slave has remembered your words saying “for orderly  future special attention must be paid to the black female slave  and the youngest off spring, keep the body but take  the mind, concentrate on the future generation therefore if you break the female mother  she  will break  the off spring in its early years of development and when the off spring is ready to work she will deliver  it up to you, for her normal and natural female protective tendencies  will have been lost in the original breaking and making  of  a female slave”

You beast I remember  for the mind of the female slave now moves on its own axis, I take back my mind  and my body healing my womb from all kinds of sickening rapes, restoring life back to my off springs I refuse to deliver  any more of springs  to your altars of death, like a lioness, Im ready to kill for my off spring for I remember and know that from my destiny I will run no more for the blood of Priestess Nehanda, Qelhata and Geraheni flows through my veins empress Mennen Empress Taytu Betul royal mothers of the throne and Worrioress Amina runs through my veins, like Nomkubulwane this river must run its course and beware  if your house is built on sandy land by the shore.

I remember I am the Wombniverse


We keep stumbling

And fumbling in darkness

Walkin like zombies arms stretched forward

Anticipating a crash

We keep stumbling and fumbling in darkness

Following leaders who claim there is light where they going

But where is this light amidst all these power cuts

Stumbling and fumbling

For validation from men of power who would drop us in a heart beat when you have marked your x for failure in the ballet paper

Canceling your right to define your own destiny

Fumbling and stumbling in darkness

For our minds have become shadows

Only a glimpse of self remains

For while we walked in darkness they stripped us canceling our senses

Numbing us so we can be more excepting of demonic ways

More excepting to changes not of our will

More excepting to their definition of success

We fumbling and stumbling in darkness searching for light in darkness

We fumbling and stumbling in darkness we lost the identity of our neighbor and now each one to their own making us easy targets to the greedy divide rule and conquer yes they conquer my basic needs they conquer my identity they conquer my thinking pattern living me a puppet with meaningless words flowing through my mouth like a sleep talking grown up mumbling this and that


Do I dare close my eyes

and be confronted by the image of your face

Seeing your eyes seeing me wholisticly

The softness of your kiss

The feeling of being wrapped in the war,th of your kiss

The meeting of our tongues

As we flow to the sexiness of rhythm

Created by the gentleness of our kiss

Dare I close my eyes and be confronted by

A body of soft iron

the blackness of your skin makes me wonder of ancient warriors

As I allow my fingers to caress ever so provocatively

Following the contours of your neck down to your bisects

Where power rests

As I kiss you gently

Making my way down down down

Dare I close my eyes